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News on 2018-11-04

The Ariège: local authorities want to realize the junction city center of Foix / beginning of the Greenway to Vernajoul (3km), the National Bike Plan could serve

Departement: Ariège Region: Midi-Pyrénées
In answer to the local Association Vélo9, the Departmental Council of the Ariège confirmed that local authorities try to take forward this project of junction.
The Department would realize on its side the 2,5km of Greenway between Vernajoul and the bridge of the Echo, limits with the infrastructures of the national SNCF, while the City of Foix and the Conurbation of the Country of Foix-Varilhes would fit out the part center-station- bridge of the Echo, by looking for the financial support of the State through its recent National Bike Plan.
See photos and the Vélo9 letter : Demandes de l’AF3V dans l’Ariège.
Voir Departmental Council answer (letter from 30-10-2018): Projet de VVV en Ariège.