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News on 2017-09-28

Pyrénées-Atlantiques: the Greenway Salies-du-Béarn to Escos threatened with closure during one year on 2kms, the inhabitants and the AF3V oppose this project

Departement: Pyrénées-Atlantiques Region: Aquitaine
In 2017 the Grenway Salies-du-Béarn to Escos (8kms) is threatened with closure on 2kms. Indeed the Department Council decided on the repair of the nearby road bridge of Auterrive, and on the use, during one year, of 2km on the Green Way between Escos and Castagnède, to make it a road deviation, on a road recreated of 4m of wide, with passage on the Eiffel bridge of the Green Way to Castagnède!
An association built up itself to defend the Green Way and the natural site. She launched a petition which all the users of the Greenways have to sign.
According to the inhabitants and the AF3V, instead of deleting 2km of green way, by destroying a natural site, it is necessary to make cross the automobile deviation on two road bridges a little farther.
Association web site : Les amis de la Voie Verte.
Sign the petition : Pétition.
See the description on the AF3V web site : Voie Verte .