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News on 2017-06-10

Lot: An association " Pour la Voie Verte en vallée du Lot " of Cahors to Capdenac-gare

Departement: Lot Region: Midi-Pyrénées
Having launched a petition, some lot inhabitants have just created a " Association for the Greenway in valley of the Lot (AVVL) ", for the creation of a Greenway on the former railroad between Cahors and Capdenac-gare.
As the objective of this association converges with those of the AF3V, Cahors Cyclotourisme, local relay of the AF3V, and Two feet Two Wheels, regional delegation, support this new association, and are going to develop concerted actions. .
It is going to be possible with the militant AF3V bike hiking "For the Véloroute valley of the Lot" which will cross July 5th in Cahors, and plans an action at the end of the greenway Douelle-Mercuès, in the crossroads with D811, to ask for a Greenway Mercuès-Cahors of 8km (to avoid D811).
See the AF3V bike hiking: Randonnée vallée du Lot .
The the AVVL blog: : Pour la Voie Verte vallée du Lot .