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News on 2016-10-31

Lozère: the AF3V asks for developping the Lot valley Cycle Route, with priority in the section from Banassac to Mende (47km), easy to create

Departement: Lozère Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
While this Véloroute is already fitted out in Lot-et-Garonne and the Lot, between Aiguillon and Cahors (150km), and while realizations move forward in Aveyron where the Association of local authorities of the valley of the Lot (CCVL) creates 29km, the Interdepartmental Agreement Pond of the Lot (Entente Interdépartementale du Bassin du Lot) is boosting this project.
The AF3V association, which asks for that Véloroute since 2001, asked again in October, 2016 to the Departmental Council of Lozère to fit out the Lot valley Véloroute (Cycle Route), by beginning with the part Banassac - Mende (47km).
Indeed this part is relatively "easy" to create in the valley because there are paths in border of the Lot, little or not circulated, and because forest roads can be used and offer safety and attraction.
The AF3V association passed on proposals of routes and works which update the study carried out by the AF3V in 2001.
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